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innovation support

Co-Project Manager

  • Collaborated with project leaders and subject matter experts to record and communicate changes to the products as the industrial design and engineering solutions evolved.
  • Managed the day to day updates of the guides evolving production.
  • Ensured that the design remained consistent across all sections of the manual. 

This guide had two roles.

1. When completed it was a manual for architects and space planners that explained the details of a new system of reconfigurable architectural elements and office furniture. It explained how the parts fit together and provided examples of the kinds of workspaces that could be created to support new styles of working.

2. The design, development and production of all the elements took two years to develop. There were over 100 people on the client's teams of designers, engineers and production specialists. As the separate product lines developed, the manual served as an information collection point for the latest information from each team. The guide was 'published' regularly to keep the teams updated and ensure that all of the parts worked together seamlessly when the product line was launched.